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A Simple, Easy, Powerful Comprehensive Solution
Increasing Patient Safety and Care
SEPS…3 Easy Steps

The patented SEPS Kit is fully instructional with an easy 3-Step, 3-Color Visual for preventing errors during each and every Operating Room procedure. The easy 3-Step System forces the Surgeons, Nurses and Medical Professionals using the bright 3-Color-Coded System to verify the location and procedure “before” operating.

STEP 1…During the surgical preparation stage the Operating Room surgical staff sets up the SEPS customized dry erase board located near the Operating Room clock, and places the SEPS custom color-coded magnets on the designated anatomical anterior or posterior human figures, on the site of surgery.

STEP 2…Using the patient’s surgical permit and information, the surgical procedure is written on the SEPS dry erase board, using the SEPS custom-color-coded markers.

STEP 3…NOTE: The SEPS Surgical Error Prevention System DOES NOT replace or change the current placement of the procedural drape. The patient is placed on the Operating Room table, the usual surgical preparation and placement of surgical procedural drapes is implemented. NOW, the sterilized SEPS custom-color-coded disposable surgical drape is placed “over” the procedural drape, followed by the “time-out” process MATCHING all 3 Steps of SEPS.

Surgical Drape Dimensions:
18" X 18" for red, yellow & green
28" X 28" for red, yellow & green
4" X 4" for red, yellow & green – designed for eye surgeries

*All drapes are sterile and only to be used as part of SEPS
preventative process. They DO NOT replace the surgical drapes.*

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SEPS Manual KIT: includes…SEPS Customized Dry Eraser Board with two Anatomical Anterior/ Posterior Human Figures, SEPS Custom Color-Coded Magnets, SEPS Custom Color-Coded Dry-Eraser Markers/Eraser and SEPS Custom Color-Coded Sterile Surgical Drapes. U.S. Patent Number 8,485,827 B1

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