Operating Room and Surgical Errors

Wrong-side, wrong-site, wrong-procedure, wrong-person surgical errors occur more often than documented.

FACT: Wrong-site surgery is the most frequently reported sentinel event and represents
more than 6,000 wrong-side,wrong-site surgical errors every year.

FACT: " $1.5 billion a year " The annual cost to employers due to potentially preventable medical errors according to Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

CHALLENGE: Wrong-side surgery is the most feared by patients, and is the most
visible and devastating of all surgical errors.

FACT: Experts agree, that errors in surgery occur most often due to a lack of leadership and communication.

Patient Safety and Error Prevention: Human error is an inherent part of human behavior and will always be present. Certain factors may increase the frequency of surgical errors, including miscommunication and fatigue of surgeons and/or medical staff in the Operating Room. However, the BEST approach to patient safety and surgical error prevention would be to focus on a Surgical Error Prevention System as opposed to human error. With this simple, easy, system in place one can remove the risk that human error reaches the patient, and patient safety is remarkably improved.